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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 8, No. 2

Editorial - LSM Becomes a Charity

by Wah Keung Chan / October 2, 2002

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LSM officially recognized as a charitable organization

On September 16, La Scène Musicale/The Music Scene entered a new stage as a non-profit organization promoting classical music. When we received the letter notifying us that La Scène Musicale had been approved as an official charity, it was a confirmation of the direction of our efforts over the past 6 years. We did not apply for a charitable number earlier because we were too busy developing activities to promote classical music:.

the free classical music magazine La Scena Musicale and now The Music Scene – to serve Southern Ontario and Western Canada

LSM Online scena.org , one of the leading classical music websites in the world

The Student Writing Contest

The Bring-a-Teen program

This exciting news means that with the help of our loyal readers we should – be able to do these activities better and to conceive new projects.

Over the course of the coming year, our fund-raising committee will be developing various campaigns to help us fulfil our mission and to reduce our accumulated deficit. We seek like-minded individuals to join our committee. We are now ready to receive donations from individuals and businesses; all donations, now tax deductible, will be gratefully acknowledged.

Please contact Sophie-Natacha Robichaud at : (514) 948-2520, admin@scena.org

Have a musical October.

Wah Keung Chan, President
La Scène Musicale / The Music Scene

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