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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 13, No. 6 March 2008

Répertoire des camps/ Summer Camp Directory

March 2, 2008

Légende / Key

Accd • Accordéon / Accordion
Acp • Accompagnement / Accompaniment
Bl • Blues
Bsn • Basson / Bassoon
CB • Contrebasse / Bass
CF • Cor / French Horn
Cho • Chorale / Chorus
Chef • Chef d’orchestre / Conducting
Cl • Clarinette / Clarinet
Clv • Clavecin / Harpsichord
Cmp • Composition
Crd • Cordes / Strings
Cui • Cuivres / Brass
Dn • Danse / Dance
Ens • Ensembles
FàB • Flûte à bec / Recorder
Fl • Flûte / Flute
Fid • Fiddle
Gui • Guitare / Guitar
Hrp • Harpe / Harp
Hb • Hautbois / Oboe
Imp • Improvisation
Jz • Jazz
LS • Listeners Studies
Lt • Luth / Lute
MA • Musique ancienne / Early Music
MC • Musique contemporaine / Contemporary Music
MdC • Musique de Chambre / Chamber Music
MT • Comédie musicale / Musical Theatre
Orch • Orchestre / Orchestra
OS • Orchestre symphonique / Symphony Orchestra
Ped • Pédagogic / Pedagogy
Per • Percussion
Pi • Piano
PS • Performance Studies
Sax • Saxophone
Song • French & English Language Song
Th • Théorie / Musical Theory
Tr • Trompette / Trumpet
Tro • Trombone
Vla • Alto / Viola
Vlc • Violoncelle / Cello
Vln • Violon / Violin
Vo • Chant / Voice
WM • Musique du monde / World Music
Ww • Bois / Woodwinds
Rates are in $CAN. Les tarifs sont en dollars canadiens.


Strings Week
Historic Leir House, 220 Manor Park Avenue, Penticton
Tel.: 250-493-7977
Camp: July 7– 11 • Limit: June 2
Cost: $225 • Scholarships: No
Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Crd, Gui, Orch, Th
Strings week, an inspiring program of chamber music, string orchestra and master classes. Learning and fun in beautiful Penticton

Langley Community Muisc School Suzuki Summer Workshop
Langley Community Music School, 4899 207 St., Langley
Tel.: 604-534-2848 • langleymusic.com
Camp: July 21-24 • Limit: June 1
Cost: $175 - $250 • Scholarships: No
Languages: English • Disciplines: Pi, Vln, Vlc
Unique opportunity for students, parents and teachers to be immersed in a nurturing and musical environment. Fiddling, Fun with Composers, Origami, Marimba, Chamber Music and More. SAA Teacher Training.

Pulse Summer Advanced Chamber Music Workshop
Langley Community Music School, 4899 207 St., Langley
Tel.: 604-534-2848 • langleymusic.com
Camp: July 26- August 3 • Limit: June 1
Cost: $40- $550 • Scholarships: No
Language: English
Disciplines: Vo, Pi, Vln, Vlc, Cl, Ww, MdC, Jz. Imp
Work in small chamber groups and receive daily coaching on repertoire. Improvisation classes, chamber music and instrumental masterclassses, large ensemble rehearsals and performances.

Vancouver International Song Festival
School of Music, University of British Columbia
Tel.: 778-868-6531 • visi.ca
Camp: June 8-22 • Limit: March 15
Costs: $310 - $1,195 • Scholarships: No
Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Pi, Song, PS, Ped, LS
Immerse yourself in the art of song with some of the world’s great artists and thinkers during 15 days of intensive, interdisciplinary and innovative courses.

Victoria Piano Summer School
1771 Mortimer Street, Victoria
Tel.: 250-383-0712 • vpss.ca
Camp: June 30 –July 19 • Limit: April 30
Cost: $430 plus • Scholarships: No • Languages: English
Disciplines: Pi, Ens, Ac, Jz, Cho, Th, Cmp, Alexander Technique, Concerto Programme.
Pianists of all ages and levels flourish in a supportive, friendly environment with daily Masterclasses, Practice Supervision, Recitals and numerous electives. Special programmes; Piano Teachers, Adults, and the French School with Dr. Carla Dodek.

Victoria Conservatory Summer Music Academies 2008
Victoria Conservatory of Music, 900 Johnson St., Victoria
Tel.: 250-386-5311, x.202, 866-386-5311 x.202 vcm.bc.ca/summer.htm
Camp: June 27 – August 9 • Limit: Various
Costs: Varied • Scholarships: Yes
Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Crd, Gui, Fl, Pi, Tr, Tro, Cui, Sax, Cl, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Jz, Imp, Cmp, MT, Dn.
Academies in Classical Vocal, Guitar & Strings, Flute as well as Jazz. Artists include: Judith Forst, Stuart Hamilton, Timothy Vernon, Lafayette String Quartet, Judith Fraser, Don Thompson, Ian McDougall, Phil Dwyer, Neil Swainson.


Mount Royal College Organ Academy International Summer School
4825 Mt. Royal Gate SW, Calgary
Tel.: 403-440-7769 •mtroyal.ca/conservatory/intsumschool.shtml
Camp: July 20-29 • Limit: June 15
Cost: $680 includes a $25 registration fee
Scholarships: Yes • Language: English
Intensive, short-term studies for organ students and young professionals.


2008 International Saito Conducting Workshop
1610 Morgan Ave., Saskatoon
Tel.: 306-373-6408 • conductorschool.com
Camp: July 20-27, 2008 • Limit: May 20
Cost: $895 - $995 • Scholarships: No
Languages: English
Empower your gestures with precision and artistry with instruction from Wayne Toews for virtuosity in all styles and genres. Limited enrollment.

Music at Port Milford
89 Colliers, Milford • Tel.: 914-439-5039
Camp: July 19- August 16 • Limit: Ongoing
Costs: $1400 - $2600 • Scholarships: Yes
Languages: English
Disciplines: Crd, Orch, Cho, MdC, Madrigals.
Intensive chamber music program with family like atmosphere. Weekly performances. Chamber music, orchestra, chorus and madrigals. Tokai String quartet in residence. Established1987.

JVL Summer School for Performing Arts
79 Chagall Drive, Thornhill
Tel.: 416-735-7499, 905-882-7499
Camp: July 17-27 • Limit: May 26
Cost: $1695 • Scholarships: Yes
Languages: English, French
Disciplines: Vo, Pi, Vln, Vla, Vlc, CB, Crd, Orch, Cho, MdC, Th, MT.
Young musicians of all ages, highly
professional training under the tutelage of a distinguished faculty. Intensive music studies and concert performances, recreational activities.

Centre musical de l'Ontario
4936 Yonge Street, Suite #158, Toronto
Tél.: 866-273-7697 • ontario.cammac.ca
Camp : 3 août - 17 août (2 sessions d'une semaine)
Limite : 23 juin pour certaines classes
Coût : 900 $ - 1075 $
Bourses : Oui • Langues : Anglais
Disciplines : Vo, Crd, Fl, FàB, Cl, Hb, Bsn, Gui, Cui, Pi, Per, Ens, Cho, MT
Bienvenue aux musiciens de tous âges et de tous niveaux. Chaque semaine présent une variété de la musique classique, du jazz et de la musique du monde. Nous offrons un programme prévu spécifiquement pour les enfants de 5 à 12 ans. La recreation: natation, canoë, excursions, tennis

Kincardine Summer Music Festival
P.O. Box 251, Kincardine
Tel.: 519-396-9716 • ksmf.ca
Camp: August 3 – 16 • Limit: August 3
Cost: $110 - $495 • Scholarships: Yes
Language: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Fid, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Hb, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Jz, Blu
20 music programs for adults, families and children combined with a world-class concert series. The beautiful Lake Huron location and the finest quality musical opportunities make this event unbeatable

Tafelmusik Baroque Summer Institute
427 Bloor Street West, Box 14, Toronto
Tel.: 416-964-9562 x.241 • tafelmusik.org
Camp: June 1 - 14 • Limit: March 20
Cost: $1,095; $750 for Conductors/Directors
Scholarships: Yes • Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Vln, Vla, Vlc, CB, Bsn, Hb, Lt, Clv, Orch, Cho, MdC, MA
An intensive 14-day residency in baroque period performance with a focus on orchestral and vocal performance.

Summer Music Festival - Suzuki Kingston
139 Joseph Street, Kingston
Tel.: 613-542-1486, 888-283-1539
Camp: July 5 - July 11 • Limit: Ongoing
Cost: Various costs • Scholarships: Yes
Language: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Pi, Fàb, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Gui, Orch, MdC, MT, Teen program and more
Students and teachers from around the world convene at Queen’s University, Kingston for a remarkable week of intensive instruction, coaching and entertainment.


6225 Godfrrey, Montreal
Tel.: 514-489-9728 • trillium-music.com
Camp: June 30 - July 11 • Limit: June 1
Cost: $425 • Scholarships: Yes
Language: English
Disciplines: Vo, Cho, MT
An American Idol inspired musical theatre day camp for girls, modeled after the series. Singing, acting, dancing, script writing, games, swimming and more.

Académie du musique et de danse du Domaine Forget
5, rue Saint-Antoine, Saint-Irénée
Tél.: 418-452-8111 • domaineforget.com
Camp: 13 mai - 1 septembre Limite : voir site Internet
Coût : 600 $ par semaine • Bourses : Oui • Langues : Français, anglais
Instruments : Vo, Cui, Ww, Gui, Crd, Cho, MdC, Jz, Cmp, Dn.
Cours particuliers, cours de maître, musique de chambre, ateliers spécialisés, concerts étudiants, entrées aux concerts du Festival International. Nouveaux stages à l’été 2008!

Camp Musical Tutti
3440 Patricia, Montreal
Tel.: 514-486-8727• camptutti.com
Camp: June 29 – July 6 • Limit: June 1
Cost: $770 • Scholarship: Yes
Languages: English, French, Russian • Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Vln, Vla, Vlc, Crd, Gui, Fid, Hrp, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Hb, OS, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Jz, Chef, Imp, Cmp, Dn, MT, Art, Sport.
Located at the picturesque Bishop’s University campus in Lennoxville. All ages and abilities, two swimming pools, tennis, possibility to have a private room. Day camp option available.

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts
4989 blvd. des Sources, Pierrefonds
Tel.: 514-697-9991 • LambdaArts.ca
Camp: July 2 - August 27 • Limit: June 30
Cost: $650 - $2,750 • Scholarships: Yes
Languages: English
Disciplines: Pi, Crd, Vo, Dn, Theatre Arts, Virtual Instruments.
Graphic Arts, Sciences and Technologies of the Arts
Lambda is proud to present its "Enrichment in the Arts" summer camp providing a unique opportunity for children to sample all its fine arts programs.

Camp Musical St-Alexandre
267 rang St-Gérard, St-Alexandre
Tél.: 418-495-2898 • campmusical.com
Camp : 22 juin - 24 août • Limite : 1 juin
Coût : 400 $ – 930 $ • Bourses : non
Langues : français
Disciplines : Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Hrp, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Hb, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Ped, MT, Direction chorale.
Formation musicale de qualité à partir de 7 ans, activités sportives, session d'initiation pour les tout-petits, sessions spécialisées d'orchestre à cordes et d'harmonie.

Camp Musical du Sagnuenay-Lac-St-Jean
1589 route 169,
Tél.: 888-349-2085
Camp : 21 juin- 16 août
Coût : 373 $ – 903 $ • Bourses : oui
Langues : français
Disciplines : Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Hb, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Jz
Classes de maîtres, musique de chambre, concerts de professeurs, de stagiaires, d’artistes de grande renommée, brunchs, etc.

Camp musical des Laurentides
60, place Mozart, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard
Tél.: 450–227-0909 • cmlaurentides.qc.ca
Dates: 22 juin - 16 août • Limite : *15 mai
Coût : 425 $ - 1500 $ • Bourses : oui
Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Sax, Pi, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Cl, Bsn, Hb, Ww, Per, Orch, MdC.
Le Camp s’adresse aux musiciens possédant déjà une solide formation dans leur discipline, qui désirent bénéficier de cours intensifs avec une équipe de professeurs réputés.

Camp Musical de Lanaudière
100, Rg Petit Beloeil, St-Côme
Tél.: 450-755-2496, 450-883-6024
Camp : 22 juin - 16 août (4 ses./ 2 sem.)
Limite : 1 juin • Bourses : oui
Coût : 100 $ inscription, 845 $ séjour Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines : Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Hb, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, MA, Th, MT, Dn.
Le camp musical de Lanaudiére offre des sessions de 2 semaines à des jeunes de 9 à 17 ans qui désirent faire de la musique avec un encadrement professionnel, dans une atmosphère de vacances.

Ecole d’été de chant choral
École de musique Université de Sherbrooke, 2500 boul. de l’université, Sherbrooke
Tél.: 800-267-8337, 819-821-8040
Camp : 28 juin - 6 juillet • Limite : 16 avril
Coût : 300 $-400 $ • Bourses : Pour les chanteurs participant au concert de chant.
Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines : Vo, Cho, Chef de Choeur, Musique de Brahms
Huit jours de formation intensive en direction chorale, en chant et en chant choral. Préparation d’un grand concert.

Centre d’art Orford
3165 chemin du Parc, Orford
Tél.: 819-843-3981 p.25
Camp : 16 Juin – 17 août
Limite : 15 février (éligible aux bourses), 4 avril (selon la disponibilité)
Coût : 60 $ inscription, 500 $ – 650 $ stage/semaine • Bourses : oui
Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines : Vo, Fl, Pi, Crd, Cl, Hb, Ww, Orch, MdC, MC, Création sonore.
L’Académie du Centre d’arts Orford offre des stages de perfectionnement avec plus d’une quarantaine de professeurs de renommé internationale tels que Robert Langevin, Gerald Martin Moore et Koichiro Harada. Venez vivre l’expérience musicale de votre vie !

Institut Suzuki Montréal
371 Lamoureux, St-Julie
Tél. : 450-922-8196 • suzukimontreal.org
Camp : 20-27 juillet • Limite : voir site-web
Coût : 330 $-945 $ • Bourses : non
Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines : Fl, Pi, Vln, Vla, Vlc, MdC.
Immersion musicale pour étudiants Suzuki au campus Loyola de l’Univerisité Concordia à Montréal. Musical immersion for Suzuki students offered at the Loyola Campus of Concordia University in Montreal

Centre musicale du Lac MacDonald
85, chemin CAMMAC, Harrington
Tél.: 819-687-3938, 888-622-8755 p.1
Camp: 22 juin – 17 août •
Coût : varie • Bourses: oui
Langues : français, anglais
Disciplines : Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Crd, Gui, Hrp, Sax, Cl, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC, Jz, Blu, MA, MM, The, Imp, MT, Dn.
CAMMAC : un camp musical familial avec un programme pour enfants, un programme pour adolescents et un programme pour adultes, tous réunis par la musique.


Vinland Music Camp
Box 40, Ladle Cove, NL
Tel.: 709-670-3377 • vinlandmusic.ca
Dates: August 17-23 • Limit: June 1
Cost: $300 (tuition) • Scholarships: No Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Vlc, Gui, Fid, Hrp, Per, Cmp, Dn, Accd.
Traditional music workshop for all ages (9 years up) and levels. Improve instrumental skills, write songs, and learn folk dancing in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Tuckamore Festival
Box 23203 Churchill Square, St-John’s, NL
Tel.: 709-737-2372
Camp: Aug 11-24 • Limit: March1
Cost: $1000 tuition, $600 room&board
Scholarships: Yes
Disciplines: Pi, Vln, Vla, Vlc
Chamber Music program for talented string players and pianists ages 16-25

University of New Brunswick Music Camp
Centre for Musical Arts
P.O. Box 4400 Fredericton, NB
Tel.: 506-453-4697 • cel.unb.ca/music
Camp: August 8-16 • Limit: June 30
Cost: $370 - $685 • Scholarships: Yes
Languages: English
Disciplines: Vo, Fl, Pi, FàB, Tr, Tro, Cor, Cui, Crd, Gui, Fid, Sax, Cl, Bsn, Ob, Ww, Per, Orch, Cho, MdC.
Strings, winds and choral camp, ages 10 and up, day and residential see website for additional programs in opera, fiddle, songwriting and for younger students.

Art Camp

Visual Arts Centre
350 Victoria Ave, Westmount, QC
Tel.: 514-488-9558 • visualartscentre.ca
Camp: June 30 – Aug 22
Limit: ongoing
Cost: $180 / week • Scholarships: no
Languages: French, English
Disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Pupppetry and more.
Fine Arts Day Camp for 6- 12 year olds. Registration a weekly basis; new projects every week. Part-time programs also available for 4-17 year olds.


Music@Menlo Chamber Music Institute
50 Valparaiso Avenue, Atherton, CA
Tel.: 650-330-203

Britt Institute Jazz, Saxophone and String Quartet camps
P.O. Box 1124, Medford, OR
Tel.: 541-779-0847

Litchfield Jazz Camp
PO Box 69, Litchfield, CT
Tel.: 860-567-4162

Belvoir Terrace
Winter: 101 W 79th St. New York
Tel.: 212-580-3398
Summer: Lenox, MA 01240
Tel.: 413-637-0555

Camp Curtain Call
Winter: P.O. Box 366, Seymour, TN
Summer: 849 River Road, Dugspur, VA
Tel.: off season: 865-573-7002

Point CounterPoint Camp
Winter: PO Box 207011 New Haven Cr
Summer: 1361 Hooker Rd., Leicester, VT
Tel.: 267-886-5359 • pointcp.com

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