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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 13, No. 3 November 2007


by Wah Keung Chan / November 18, 2007

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The big news coming out of the Pop & Policy Conference held last month at McGill University was the discussion and consensus that the time is ripe for an additional $2 monthly fee to be charged to each high-speed internet bill as a way of monetizing internet music downloads. In exchange, subscribers will be able to legally access quality downloads. This idea may actually have some traction considering reports that as much as 97% of all downloads are illegal, suggesting that current business models continue to be futile. The whole debate over downloads was brought to the forefront when major pop group, Radiohead, released their album for free on the internet, thereby bypassing the record labels; pop groups are now realizing that in the New Economy, the real money is in selling tickets to live performances, something classical musicians already know - just ask singers like Renée Fleming and Bryn Terfel. Other news reports suggest that internet download stores are doing quite well in the classical genre. Indeed, despite their differences, the pop and classical music worlds have much to learn from one another.

November seems to be Jean-François Rivest’s month as he conducts ten concerts with the OSM, in five different series. An exceptional communicator, the Montreal-based conductor and university professor firmly believes that classical music is not just for the elite. In this issue, we also sat down with Michel Beaulac, the Montreal Opera’s new artistic director. After wiping out $1.3 million of its deficit last year, his company’s recovery is a closely watched story. Two quartets make news this month - we caught up with the Quatuor Molinari on the occasion of their 10th anniversary and had a chance to meet the Ponticello cello quartet, who begin their Montreal tour. Our annual Higher Music Education Focus is packed with school listings, interviews and music school news. Bach takes centre stage at the 2nd Bach Academy starting in early December; we discuss the great composer’s legacy with experts Ton Koopmann and Kent Nagano. Be sure to check out our regular jazz and world music features along with our comprehensive regional calendar, reviews and so much more.

As I write this editorial and catch a glimpse of the rich hues of autumn outside my window, I am reminded that the holidays will soon be upon us and so will our new multi-disciplinary arts magazine, La SCENA! The December La Scena Musicale issue will once again be combined with the 2nd / winter issue of La SCENA. Watch for our musical and arts gift picks plus our special feature on Arts Philanthropy, our annual Philanthropy Guide and our focus on arts training schools.

Version française...

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