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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 13, No. 1 September 2007


by Wah Keung Chan / September 4, 2007

Version française...

First and foremost, a huge welcome to readers of the inaugural issue of our quarterly magazine, La SCENA, the only multi-disciplinary arts and culture publication of its kind in Montreal!

La Scène Musicale’s vision in launching La SCENA is to unite all art forms (including music, dance, theatre, film, and visual arts/museums) in a common forum to promote interaction and the exchange of news, ideas, education and innovation between artists, arts organizations, and arts lovers. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a rich and dynamic community that bridges different art forms, activities and involvement. By their very nature as explorers, artists, past and present, professional or amateur often actively engage, at some level, in multiple arts disciplines.

With their recent passing, we are reminded of the contributions of individual artists. Beverly Sills, renowned American Soprano is mourned by opera fans worldwide. Closer to home, Richard Bradshaw, who was a conductor of international repute and the visionary general director of the Canadian Opera Company saw his long-time dream of an opera house for the COC come to life before his untimely death this past summer. Bradshaw was also remarkable in his ability to collaborate with artists from other disciplines such as theatrical director Robert Lepage, and film directors Francois Girard and Atom Egoyan.

In this special inaugural issue of La SCENA, we have chosen to feature Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal (GBCM) as a tribute to its 50th anniversary of contributing excellence and innovation to the dance world and to the arts community. Aline Apostolska has a candid interview with Gradimir Pankov, GBCM’s Art Director. She delves into his leadership and how he has transitioned the GBCM from classical ballet to a world-class contemporary dance company.

Similar to the calendar of musical events in our flagship music magazine, La Scena Musicale, La SCENA incorporates a comprehensive Arts Calendar but rather than covering a month’s worth of activities, La SCENA’s calendar is for a three-month period! You will also discover that this quarterly magazine includes La Scena Musicale as an insert with its own cover page, representing music. For September’s issue, La Scena Musicale features Alain Trudel, Principal Conductor and Musical Director of l’Orchestre Symphonique de Laval. Please note that La Scena Musicale will continue to be published 10 times a year, either as an insert in La SCENA or as a stand-alone magazine.

Like its sister magazines, La Scena Musicale and The Music Scene, La SCENA is born of the dedicated teamwork of La Scène Musicale’s staff and volunteers. To this amazing group (including new contributors), I extend a huge bouquet of thanks! As well, this magazine could not have been possible without the active support of our many advertisers whose partnership with us is a constant source of encouragement. Mille Merci!

To our loyal readers who have been with us since the inception of La Scena Musicale 12 years ago, we hope you enjoy our expanded coverage of the arts. To our new readers, our warmest welcome! All of you make “burning the midnight oil” well worth it! We invite your comments and submissions.

In December, watch for the next issue of La SCENA, when we feature higher arts education and season gift ideas.

I wish you happy reading as you tuck in for the cool autumn season.

Version française...

(c) La Scena Musicale