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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 12, No. 2 October 2006


by Wah Keung Chan / October 5, 2006

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Ten years old and 100 issues later – how time has flown by! Since its debut as a simple two-page newsletter that I started as a simple hobby, La Scena Musicale (and its predecessor, La Scena Vocale) has been a part of Quebec’s and Canada’s vibrant cultural life by being a solid voice for classical and jazz music, capturing the latest news, providing a forum for various musical opinions, showcasing both established and rising stars, and promoting the importance of musical education. That seedling of a little newsletter took root as it responded to the need of the musical community (LSM is the only print magazine in Quebec that promotes classical and jazz music) and was nurtured by the undying support of its readers, partners and its dedicated staff and loyal volunteers who lovingly produce the magazine month after month, writing, editing and translating each page. We extend our arms out to all of you to express our sincerest gratitude!

Although it would be impossible to name everyone who has contributed in any way to La Scena Musicale’s success, a special thank you goes to co-founding editor Philip Anson; dedicated board members François Carrier, Tom Holzinger, Annie Prothin, Sandro Scola, Jacques Desjardins, Anne-Marie Babkine, Dean Jobin-Bevans and Joan Gauthier; tireless volunteers Wah Wing Chan, Stephen Lloyd, Phyllis Stewart, Lilian I. Liganor and Joseph So; my unflappable assistant editors Dominique Olivier, Lucie Renaud and Réjean Beaucage; the hardworking calendar team led by Eric Legault; section editors Marc Chénard along with his team of writers and Bruno Deschènes; our sales force of Elisabeth Starenkyj, Mike Webber, Bernadette Lacroix-Bjornson, Mario Felton-Coletti and Kimberly Krautle; administrative staff of Steven Bélanger, Isabelle Tremblay-Westwick, Eric Ginestier, Sophie-Natacha Robichaud, Gillian Pritchett, Claire Godin, Anne Gilbert, Johanne Poirier, Sasha Dyck, Adam Norris, Christopher Bourne, Kamel Ait-Mouhoub and Joanne Dufour; the ever-reliable proofreaders Annie Prothin, Marie Faucher, Daniel Desrochers, Jef Wyns and Isabelle Picard; our translators Alain Cavenne and Jane Brierly; our web team of Normand Vandray, Mike Vincent and Linda Lee; our league of talented writers; our loyal and supportive partners in the musical community and in the recording industry; my generous parents; and YOU, our faithful readers.

This 10th anniversary commemorative issue looks back at La Scena Musicale’s decade of perseverance to serve the community. In this, our 101st issue, we have chosen to publish excerpts from articles you have previously enjoyed, a challenging task in itself since there are so many that merit reprinting. Nevertheless, in this retrospective, we have decided to revisit some articles from our ten years of publication (other articles will be reprinted in future issues during our eleventh year). Re-reading these articles has certainly made us nostalgic as we traveled down memory lane and in the process, we realized how much LSM has evolved over time. For myself, I was reminded of when I was younger, leaner and had no gray hair - LSM has surely been an all-consuming passion!

Also in this issue, you are given a sneak preview of the program for our October 21st gala at McGill University’s Pollack Hall where we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. If you have not already done so, we hope you purchase a ticket (or tickets) to join us on this very special evening of musical delights. To our dear readers who cannot attend the event, we regret that you will be missing a unique and wonderful treat and that we will not get the pleasure of meeting you personally.

Despite our pride and joy at turning ten, we will not rest on our laurels. As we blow out our candles and enter our eleventh year, our birthday wish is to continue serving you for at least another ten years - with your continued support of course! See you on October 21st!

Version française...

(c) La Scena Musicale