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This option involves a trial-and-error approach, on a case-by-case basis, so your patience will be appreciated.

You may already have a text that we can use.

Basic requirements
  • Word file attachment
  • all the required details = fields (see next table)
  • fields always in the same order within each listing of the same document
  • standard, simple, consistent format
  • no graphics, no boxes
  • no tables, unless it's a matrix of fields x events
  • no extraneous info =
    • no descriptions, biographies, editorial, because the calendar is enumerative, not descriptive
    • no subscription info, because the calendar is all about single events, not about subscribing to series.
  • no ALL CAPS
  • Listings should be sent by the people organizing/producing the events. For example, festival listings should be sent by the festival, not the performers.

Required fields for concerts, operas, lectures, masterclasses, workshops Required fields for radio and TV shows
  • date
  • time
  • venue, address, city, PR
  • single ticket price range
  • phone number(s) for tickets and/or info (max. 2)
  • festival (if any)
  • series (if any)
  • event title (if any)
  • contents (works, composers or genres)
  • participants (ensembles, conductors, soloists with their instruments or voice type) (or teacher, lecturer)
  • notes
  • date
  • time
  • station
  • series (if any)
  • sub-series (if any) (ex. The Best of Bayreuth; Beethoven Week)
  • episode title (if any)
  • contents (works, composers or genres)
  • participants (ensembles, conductors, soloists with their instruments or voice type)
  • notes
These fields are amply defined and described the page our fields.

Most organizations/companies with a planned season already have such a text. For example, the Word file that was used at some point to generate your season brochure or flyer, minus the extraneous info mentioned above.

If you think you have a text that would be acceptable, send it and we'll see if we can use it. But please say in the first sentence of your email that this is the option you're going for, so we will evaluate it immediately, in case there is a problem.

Usually it will require some adjustments:

  • If we can make these adjustments quickly, we will do it.
  • Otherwise, if we believe you can do them, we'll tell you what to do. However we do expect you to have already made the adjustments mentioned in this page (removing editorial content, etc., no ALL CAPS, etc.) before sending your text.
  • Otherwise, we will reject your text... which is not a big deal. There is always the other options mentioned in the table of contents.

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