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In our magazines and in our website, we publish calendars of musical events (and now other arts in our new arts calendar). All our calendars are free except the pullout calendar. To find out which calendars are published in which issue of our magazines, see the page our calendars.

our free music calendars

These are: the web calendar, the regional calendar, the radio & TV calendar and the summer festivals calendar.
They cover the following:

  • types of events: concerts, lectures, workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions, radio and TV broadcasts, etc.
  • types of music: mostly classical music (classsical, baroque, early, romantic, etc.); contemporary music; also traditional world music; jazz has its own calendar
  • levels: professional, academic, amateur
  • locations: events take place in Canada, broadcasts are seen/heard in Canada.

how to use this manual

This manual explains the procedures related to our free music calendars.

A few definitions:

  • In this manual, “we”, "us", "our" refers to the free calendars team (or department, or service), and not to the company as a whole.
  • The word "free" refers to the cost of listing your events before our deadline, definitely not to the cost of producing the calendars.

This manual contains

  • explanation of the procedure for getting your events and broadcasts listed:
    • step 1: sending your info (format and syntax requirements in order to avoid errors and omissions)
    • step 2: proofreading our version (notation requirements in order to quickly find your comments and compare with the original)
  • our deadlines
  • our email addresses
  • description of all our calendars (free and not free)
  • instructions on how to update your contact info

Examples of what we want to receive (sample emails, sample listings, sample fields) appear on a grey background.

You don't have to read the whole manual. You only need to read the sections that concern your type of company and events, and the sections that relate to the task you are doing. For example,

  • if you are in the process of sending us your listings (step 1), you don't have to read about how to proofread our version (step 2).
  • if you choose to use the new table format, you don't have to read the page about the usual format.
  • If you only have concerts, you don't have to read the sections on lectures, workshops, television broadcasts, etc.

Browsing tips

  • If the font is too small on your screen, you can make it bigger by using the "change text size" function in your browser's menu. On Mac, just do "apple plus". On PC, do "control plus".
  • to open a page in a new window, do apple-click or control-click. Very useful.

our official contact for the free music calendars

The official contact is the person who understands our procedure, receives our emails, responds accordingly (sends us properly formatted listings and emails, properly noted corrections, etc.).

  • We can only have one official contact per company.
  • It's your responsibility to keep us informed of any replacement of the official contact, or changes to his or her email address and phone number, preferrably in advance.
    • For example, "we did not get your email" is not an excuse for sending your listings late.
    • Please check the spam folder in your email server in case our emails go there. If they do, you must put us in your "regular contacts" list, which is a feature in your email server system.
  • It is your responsibility to respect our deadlines. They are announced one year in advance in this guide.
    • For example, if you will be absent, send your listings before you leave, or have someone send them in your place.
    • "I was absent" is not an excuse for sending your listings late.
  • It would be advisable that the outgoing official contact instruct his or her replacement about our procedure in his or her own words.
  • We always reply directly to the person who writes to us, even if it's not our official contact. It's up to the client to keep track of who is sending what.

our two other calendars

The pullout calendar
is a two-page ad paid for by the CQM. It is a table in which we can insert more listings paid for separately. It is managed by the sales team, not the calendar team. For more info, see the section "pullout calendar" in the page our calendars.
new the arts calendar
In our new quarterly magazine La Scena, we publish a calendar of events in other art forms: theatre, dance, visual arts exhibitions (museums, galleries), cinema. It is another department with its own requirements. Please contact

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