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     Festivals 2005    

Summer is for festivals!

Every June La Scena Musicale and The Music Scene publish the annual Festivals Special Issue, an overview of what’s featured at the country’s classical and jazz summer festivals. This year, 84,000 copies of La Scena Musicale’s Festivals Special Issue will reach music lovers all over Canada.

Now in its ninth year, La Scena Musicale’s Festivals Special Issue reaches more festival-goers than ever — over 160,000 across Canada.

Three awesome promotions

 +  =
June LSM                      June TMS - 40%

  Take an ad in the June issue of La Scena Musicale and get an amazing 40% off The Music Scene!

 +  =
June LSM or TMS             May or July LSM - 25%

  Advertise in a June issue and save a full 25% off all advertising in the May or July issues of LSM.

 +  +  =
June LSM or TMS             May LSM - 25%            July LSM - 50%

  Advertise in June and save not only 25% off the May issue but a spectacular 50% off the July issue as well!

Rate sheets

Rates for national and non-artistic advertisers:
National rates [pdf]

Rates for arts groups & local advertisers:
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Ad dimensions and deadlines:
Deadlines and tech specs [pdf]

For more information, contact our friendly sales staff  

There are many partnerships models available, ranging from inserting magazines in programs to sponsoring a special section. Our sales staff looks forward to discussing them with you!

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    Tel : (514) 287-7668

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