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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Outdoor Opera and Ballet on Rhine for All in Dˆºsseldorf

Live outdoor gala broadcast from Dˆºsseldorf’Äôs opera house Deutsche Oper and major summer outdoor event in city’Äôs historic Old Town continue after last year’Äôs successful premier. Ballet added opera.

Dˆºsseldorf, Germany -- On Friday, July 16, 2010, a major opera gala featuring international stars will be visible in two Dˆºsseldorf locations at once: At the Deutsche Oper, one of Germany’Äôs premier opera houses, and on a giant outdoor screen in Dˆºsseldorf’Äôs castle square in the heart of the city’Äôs historic Old Town.

With the event at the opera house for ticket holders and the live broadcast a free event open to anyone, Dˆºsseldorf joins other major German opera cities in an effort to make opera more accessible. This has led to attracting a wider audience and opening the art form to more people in Dˆºsseldorf than would fit in the opera house; hence, the name ’ÄúOpera and Ballet for All.’Äù More than 10,000 people gathered for last year’Äôs outdoor broadcast.

Musical director Axel Kober will conduct Dˆºsseldorf Symphonic Orchestra that night, and Martin Schluepfer will direct the ’ÄúBallet on the Rhine.’Äù Solo Performers include Vesselina Kasarova, one of the world’Äôs most sought-after mezzo soprano singers.


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