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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts Presents Geometry in Venice

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts and Saputo Inc.

In association with Crows Theatre


Geometry in Venice

By Michael Mackenzie

Directed by Chris Abraham

January 31-February 14, 2010

One day you may understand that murder, incest and infanticide are the very stuff of domesticity.
We modern people just practice them in a more...refined garb. Mrs. Moreen

MONTREAL January 2010 - The Segal Theatre is excited to launch the new year with the Montreal English premiere of Geometry in Venice, an intelligent and moving play featuring a stellar director, cast and design team.

Adapted from The Pupil, a novella by Henry James, who himself was inspired by the childhood of painter John Singer Sargent, Geometry in Venice brings us into the lives of the Moreen family, an outwardly aristocratic British family living in Venice towards the end of the nineteenth century. Unlike the novella, award-winning Montreal playwright Michael Mackenzie includes Henry James as one of his characters. 

In this poignant and timely story, Pemberton (played by Graham Cuthbertson) is a Canadian Cambridge grad and aspiring writer who is hired by the Moreens to provide their sickly, genius son Morgan (played by Montrealer Eliott Larson) with a classical education. Desperate to keep up appearances, they travel to the fashionable salons of Europe in search of a wealthy suitor to marry their daughter Amy. Henry James becomes the promising Paris suitor in this reading.

Geometry in Venice is a powerful and timely examination of a familys obsession with wealth and status, raising questions of ethics and morality, says Bryna Wasserman, Artistic Director of the Segal Centre for Performing Arts. In the very capable hands of creative director Chris Abraham, outstanding actor Damien Atkins and other talented cast members, Geometry in Venice promises to provide an exceptional time at the theatre.

Damien Atkins, who has delivered excellent performances at the Segal in the past, says he looks forward to playing the role of Henry James. I am excited to work again with Chris Abraham, with whom I collaborated on one of the most richly rewarding theatrical experiences of my life, The Glass Menagerie.

The set created by Julie Fox is dramatic, Spartan, and its unique colour palette of whites, sand tones and cool beach hues are meant to reflect the Lido beach in Venice. A grand piano will be played by the young prodigy.

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Geometry in Venice. The play was performed in French for 5 years as Le Prcepteur and has also been produced in German, Italian and Chinese.

Other cast members include: Allegra Fulton as Mrs. Moreen (Stratford, solo tour-de-force Frida K.); Aiden Devine as Mr. Moreen (Balconville, multi-awards for film and television); and Susanna Fournier as Amy (Segals The Diary of Anne Frank).

The integral designs are by Julie Fox, set and costume; Luc Prairie, lighting; and Antoine Bdard, sound. Merissa Tordjman is the stage manager and Luciana Burcheri completes the team as assistant stage manager.

Sunday @ the Segal - January 31 at 11am
In keeping with the Segal Centres objective to enhance the theatregoing experience, we are also pleased to announce that the playwright has accepted to give a lecture about his play.  Michael Mackenzie will talk about what inspired him to write Geometry in Venice and describe his process of translating Henry James to the stage.



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