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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mixed Company Theatre: ĺ─˛Bouncing Backĺ─˘ from Homelessness

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Toronto, January 11, 2010 ĺ─ý Every year Mixed Company Theatreĺ─˘s initiatives include a homelessness project. Betty Joe Morris, a 2009 project participant described her experience as: ĺ─˙It kept me clean and off the streets of the drug life.ĺ─¨
This year, our artists collaborate with youth who are ĺ─˛at-riskĺ─˘ or have experienced homelessness to develop an original, interactive, and issue-based play in the Bouncing Back Project, funded by the City of Torontoĺ─˘s Drug Prevention Community Investment Program. This production will tour shelters, community centers, and schools across Toronto to raise awareness surrounding the issues of homelessness and substance abuse.
The first step of this 4-week project is auditions for young people ages 15 ĺ─ý 25. On Wednesday, January 27, Mixed Company Theatre encourages those who have experienced homelessness and have a passion for performing to attend an open call for performers.
Garnering intense media interest over the years, Mixed Company Theatreĺ─˘s homelessness projects result in astonishing experiences that transform the lives of participants, company members and audiences alike. 
WHERE: Mixed Company Theatre, 157 Carlton Street (at Sherbourne), Toronto ON
WHEN: Wednesday, January 27 2010
ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Interested youth are encouraged to book an audition appointment. Please contact 416 515 8080 or for more information.



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