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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mixed Company Theatre Springs into 2010 with Ontario Arts Council Support

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Toronto, December 18, 2009 - The Ontario Arts Council has confirmed their support for Mixed Companys Spring 2010 Educational Tour. This assistance from the Ontario Arts Council will help students understand issues from the perspective of others through Mixed Companys delivery of interactive, entertaining, and age-appropriate theatrical presentations. Secondary and elementary level offerings for the coming season include:

DISS - Touring March 22 April 16 2010

For Grades 9-12

Why is gang life so appealing? Mixed Companys acclaimed 2009 Summer production focuses on gang presence in our neighbourhoods and the pressures youth face finding social connection and identity. Created in collaboration with the Toronto Police Service and youth who have experienced violence, the plot covers snitching, family relationships, friendship, theft, gun violence and many other issues that affect young people living with gang presence in their communities.

Morro and Jasp...GO GREEN! - Touring April 12 30 2010

For Grades K-6

Mixed Company Theatre partners with UNIT - Up Your Nose and In Your Toes to tour their best show yet: an eco-tainment piece about environmental issues that's both funny and informational for youngsters. (NOW Magazine, Toronto, July 4, 2008). Clowns Morro and Jasp turn assumptions about being green on their heads, teaching that every little bit does make a difference. This show delivers the going green message like never before!



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