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Monday, October 19, 2009

Phiaton Offers Book Lovers a Great Listen; Announces $100 Discount With Audiobooks from!

Irvine, CA Phiaton, a top premium headphone brand is giving book lovers an ultimate audiobook experience from, a leading provider of premium digital spoken-word information and entertainment. Starting today, customers who sign up to enjoy Audible's more than 60,000 titles for one year can get a $100 discount on any of Phiaton's headphone and earbud models purchased from (

More and more savvy audio book lovers are stepping up to premium headphones for their increased comfort and enhanced fidelity over long listening periods. As Phiaton's James Baik notes, "Great headphones are like reading glasses for your audio book, and are the best choice to ensure that you hear every word clearly and avoid ear fatigue over long periods of listening. Phiaton's headphones and ear phones are the perfect way to enjoy all your favorite Audible selections whether it's an audiobook, magazine, radio show, stand-up comedy or timeless classic."

Here's some key things to think about when buying headphone for extended periods of audio book enjoyment:

-- Make sure the headphone fit is right for you. No matter how great and expensive your headphone is, if the fit isn't right for you, you won't get the best experience. Fit can make a huge difference in terms of sound quality.

-- Make sure the headphones are comfortable. Many headphones and earphones that seem fine at first can become quite uncomfortable during extended use. The pressure from the earphones and the weight affect how a model feels. With any headphones, prolonged listening can make your ears warm and sweaty. High quality headphones offer great comfort and quality with soft ear-cushions and pads, and via material that controls the pressure level. For example, Phiaton uses steel band which helps to maintain the original tension of the headband.

-- For the best sound, stick with corded models. Most corded models and some wireless sets are fine for use with a TV or, if you're not too critical, for listening to music. Over-the-ear corded headphones are often the best choice for serious audio and music listening at home. While wireless headphones can be convenient, many have background hissing and/or dynamic range compression that flattens the sound to some extent.

-- Size Matters. Portable Headphones may sacrifice some sound quality for small size, but they are handy. Ear buds and insert models are great for listening to audio and music during on-the-go activities. If you'll be doing a lot of flying, or listening in a noisy environment, we recommend noise cancelling technology. Also, over-the-ear and insert types can block ambient noise. All of Phiaton's M and S small sized headphones are designed to be folded in to two steps for easy travel.

Just as offers one of the widest selections of digital spoken-word information and entertainment, Phiaton offers a full array of premium headphones and earbuds, including the MS 400 headphones ($249 MSRP), PS 320 headphones ($199 MSRP), PS 300 NC Noise Cancelling headphones ($299 MSRP), and the PS 200 earphones ($249 MSRP).

About Phiaton Corporation
Phiaton Corporation is a premium manufacturer of high-end noise cancelling headphones, earphones and Music Docking Stations for consumers who appreciate design, technology and aesthetics. The Phiaton brand is created for audiophiles who demand the extraordinary from the consumer electronics they buy. All Phiaton products provide authentic sound reproduction, eye-catching design, and comfortable fit.

Phiaton's parent company, Cresyn Company Ltd., was founded in 1959 to develop and manufacture high quality phonograph needles. Under the leadership of Chairman Jon

Bae Lee, Cresyn has heavily invested in R&D and developed a significant portfolio of patented audio technologies. Over time, these technologies have become an integral part of today's most popular leading personal audio brands. Today, Cresyn markets its own growing family of industry leading products, including headphones, noise canceling headphones, earphones, Bluetooth headsets and camera modules.

Audible, Inc. ( is a leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the internet. Content from Audible is downloaded and played back on personal computers, CDs, or AudibleReady computer-based and wireless mobile devices. Audible has over 50,000 audio programs from more than 800 content providers that include leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. Audible is the preeminent provider of spoken-word audio products for Apple's iTunes Store. Audible,, AudibleListener, AudibleReady and AudibleKids are trademarks of Audible, Inc. or its affiliates. Other product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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